5 Services Offered by Okon Metals

When we say we’re committed to being green, we mean it. The services we offer support the sustainability initiatives important to our customers, too! We are committed to managing all of our services in a cost-effective, efficient and professional manner. 


Industrial Container Service

Providing industrial container services and solutions is a critical service we provide in the growing city of Dallas and the surrounding areas. Whether you’re a local farmer needing a couple of containers or a large corporation needing several hundreds of industrial containers, we’ve got you covered! We offer a large variety of containers to meet your unique needs.


Community Recycling Center

We proudly serve as a recycling center for environmentally conscious members of our community. Whether you’re committed to recycling personal materials or commercial materials, we’d be thrilled to help you fulfill your commitment to sustainability.


MRI Magnet Decommissioning/ Recycling


When you think about recycling, usually one of the first things that come to mind are materials like scrap metal and steel. What about more unusual equipment like magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) magnets? With constant advancements in technology and medicine comes the need to regularly upgrade MRI machines and dispose of old models. MRI magnet and decommissioning is a specialized service we provide to ensure that these magnets are recycled appropriately.


Onsite Metal Demolition

Regardless of how big or small of a demolition you’re facing, Okon Metals can assist you. We are equipped with the service and equipment necessary to remove unwanted metal from your jobsite. Our commitment to processing metal safely ensures minimal impact on the local community.


Certified Product Destruction

Certified Product Destruction ensures that the disposal of a product is authenticated. We provide this specialized offering in a professional and confidential manner and are sensitive to the circumstances that may require the authentication of product destruction.


These five services are just a small sampling of the services we offer our customers and community. Do you have a specific need not listed on our website? Give us a call today to talk through how we can be of help!

Terrence Gordon