Okon Metals: Committed to the Community

Okon Metals has been serving the greater Dallas community since 1913. One thing has remained the same in all that time, we’ve remained committed to serving our community. From our home base in Southern Dallas, we’ve maintained long-term partnerships with countless customers throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area.


Over a Century of Service

As an established scrap metal service company, our services help keep millions of pounds of ferrous and non-ferrous metals out of the landfill on an annual basis. Curious about the difference in these two types of metals? More information can be found on our former blog post . We welcome businesses and individuals alike through our doors. In one day we might serve a corporate client on a large-scale project or one of our regular individual clients who is scrapping metal, either on a full-time basis or as a form of supplementary income. Either way, the tens of millions of dollars we pay for recyclable materials from our customers helps support them and is eventually fueled back into the local economy. Over a century over service would not be possible without the standards of excellence upheld by our dedications professionals. Throughout our history, we have always hired local. Our commitment to employing individuals from the immediate community has been unwavering, and it shows. There are current members of our staff who have dedicated their working lives to us for decades!


Environmental Sustainability Initiatives

Taking care of the environment is at the heart of all that we do. Not only do our services keep recyclable waste out of the landfills, but they conserve the precious and finite natural resources we have. By using modern equipment and employing environmental best-practices, we ensure that we are working in as safe and efficient of a manner as possible on all of our projects. Whether we’re conducting an on-site industrial clean up, hauling waste, or recycling magnets, we keep environmental concern top-of-mind.


Whether you’re a member of the public interested in learning more about recycling or you’re a business needing information about the services we provide, we look forward to serving you. Stop in or give us a call today to find out how we can serve you.

 [l1]Link to former blog post titled, “Ferrous vs. Non-Ferrous Metals” when live.

Terrence Gordon