5 Simple Ideas for Recycling at Home

Protecting the environment, preserving natural resources and saving money are just a few of the many indisputable benefits of recycling. We’ve rounded up five simple ideas you can implement at home today to kick off your recycling efforts!

Set Up Recycling Bins

One simple measure to enable your recycling process is having labeled recycling bins easily accessible in your home. The added convenience and accessibility of your bins will help ease you and your family into what is sure to become a healthy new habit.

Ditch Plastic Grocery Bags

Investing in a few fabric or insulated grocery bags is another simple recycling tip. Fabric totes are less likely to rip and come in a variety of patterned, insulated and designed options. If you absolutely can’t part with plastic bags, make sure to take advantage of the plastic bag recycling bins many grocery stores now offer.

Enroll in Paperless Billing

Reach out to your service providers and get set up for paperless billing. You’ll have the ability to receive your monthly billing statements digitally and you won’t have to deal with chucking old bills away. Some providers even offer a slight discount for customers willing to go paperless!

Abandon Plastic Bottles

Rather than continuing to buy cases of plastic bottles at the store, purchase a reusable water bottle to use on a daily basis. You won’t have to lug heavy cases of water around and you won’t have to clean up piles of plastic bottles accumulated in your car and home! Skip the Starbucks line and buy yourself a travel coffee mug. Not only will you save money in the long-run, but you won’t be contributing coffee cups to the landfills.

Donate Your Goods

Most of us have a garage, basement or closet filled to the brim with items we don’t use. Rather than tossing them out while spring cleaning, donate these items to your local thrift store. Dog shelters are almost always in need of donated towels and cleaning materials.

Stop by your local recycling center to discover what types of materials they accept. If you’re in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, stop by our community recycling center located at 5901 South Lamar Street.

Terrence Gordon