3 Easy Ways for Your Business to Go Green

The benefits to going green are hard to argue! It’s better for the environment, saves you money in the long-term and is important to many existing and prospective clients. Having your business go green doesn’t have to be done in one fell swoop. Implementing several, small-scale changes over time can have a long-term impact on the environment and your business. 

Ditch the Paper

The advent of technology has made it easier than ever to develop a culture of reducing and reusing at the office. Securely sharing files on the cloud and via email has helped reduce printing needs for businesses of all size. If you must print on paper at the office, try to do so on eco-friendly paper and encourage all staff members to print double-sided copies.

Swap Out Old Appliances

Many appliances are equipped with nifty labels to help the consumer understand their energy needs. Appliances requiring less energy to power are more eco-friendly and safer. Rather than waiting for your old appliance to croak, it may be wise to get ahead of dealing with the aftermath of an unexpected leak or flood and swap our old appliances now. If you are looking for a place to recycle your old appliances, we know just the place!

Switch Out Your Bulbs

Illuminating your office with compact-fluorescent (CFL) or LED light bulbs can not only help your business save money but it also uses considerably less energy. Although they require some initial investment on the front-end, switching out your light bulbs can mean big savings on your electric bill.

Okon Metals is committed to improving the Earth’s environmental stability. If your business is looking to go green, we can help. Our facility in Dallas recycles thousands of tons of materials every month. Call us today at 214-426-6566 to find out more about how we service companies in our area and help them implement eco-friendly actions.

Terrence Gordon