The 411 on Utility Recycling with Okon Metals

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As more and more companies in the Dallas-Fort Worth are upgrading their meter grids to more technologically-advanced options, they are calling on us to ensure compliant, efficient, and cost-effective recycling of their hydro meters, gas meters, and water meters. Okon Metals clients have long trusted us to tackle utility recycling projects of varying scopes and sizes. 

Environmentally Friendly

Every step of our recycling process is environmentally friendly, from initial intake of your meters to break down of the materials within a water, gas, or electric meter. As your partner in ensuring environmental safety and awareness, we employ a process that ensures the efficiency and sustainability is maximized every step of the way.

Cost Effective

Recycling your utilities shouldn’t mean that your bottom line takes a hit. That’s why we’ve taken care to make utility recycling with Okon Metals as cost-effective as we could, so that we could pass the savings down to our customers. Okon Metals makes recycling your utilities a convenient and economically viable option for clients to ensure that end of life recycling of your meters isn’t a stressful component to your meter upgrade initiative.  


Our commitment to sustainability and cost-effectiveness doesn’t come at the cost of compliance. When recycling your utilities, we ensure that all meters and the commodities contained within them are secure and compliant with evolving environmental regulations.

With over 100 years of utility and energy-related scrap recycling under our belt, we are confident that we will surpass all of your expectations. Regardless of how many meters your business needs recycled, rest assured that we will manage your recyclables in a process that’s environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and compliant with regulations. Contact us today at 214-426-6566 to discuss your utility recycling needs in more detail.

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