We have enjoyed being a part of our Southern Dallas neighborhood for 4 - going on 5 - generations. Giving back to the community in the form of both charity and opportunity is a cornerstone of how we measure success.

Okon Metals is committed to diversity and hiring employees from the immediate areas and both its management team and staff reflect that commitment. We are proud to say we have employees still working for us that Louis Okon's great-grandfather hired decades before he was even born.

We pay out tens of millions of dollars to the immediate community for recyclable materials each year. Some of our customers recycle metals as a full time profession. Others recycle with us to supplement their income to help make ends meet.  In doing so, all of them conserve the Earth’s natural resources by helping us keep thousands of tons of metals out of the landfill each month.

Okon Metals is proud to support charities such as the Vogel Alcove, (which is dedicated to offering a safe place for homeless people to leave their children while they work to rebuild their lives), and the Hebrew Free Loan, (which is dedicated to providing emergency interest-free loans to help families through tough times and was founded by Louis Okon's great-grandfather, who also founded Okon Metals).

Okon Metals has been the key sponsor for programs such as the Texas Recycles Day, the Seniors Valentines Celebration at the MLK center, and the MLK Parade. In addition, we sponsor a “Trash Busters” clean-up monthly where we help clean up the trash from a neighborhood in need in our area.

We have enjoyed being a part of our Southern Dallas neighborhood for 4, going on 5 generations. It is our greatest pleasure to give back through careers, recycling, providing income to our customers, charity, and just doing our part to make our neighborhood a better place.