Dismantling and Packaging

Scrap metal is not always a volume game.  It does not always come all neat and ready to be dumped, baled, sheared, and recycled.  We have customers who purge excess or returned inventory packaged in cardboard boxes.  They do not have the time or means to take the material out of the packaging, but we do.  

We have other clients that have scrap machinery containing specific non-scrap components that need to be dismantled, inventoried, packaged, and returned back to them, while then recycling the remaining product.  Okon Metals has a very unique set of skills and abilities to develop and implement an entire separate process for a single client to handle items that require a high level of care and protocol.  By building separate and secured facilities within our facility, we are able to eliminate variables, protect sensitive and proprietary processes, and efficiently deliver on these strict protocols.