On-Site Metal Demolition

Okon Metals has the portable equipment, fleet of trucks, crews, supervisors, experience, recycling markets, recycling contracts, and insurance to create the highest value within a demolition job.  The traditional demolition companies double, triple, and quadruple handle the scrap metal as they ship it to a recycling yard to be prepared and sold to the mills.  We have the ability to prepare and ship the scrap metal on-site, effectively bypassing our recycling facility to ship directly to the mills.  This allows us to eliminate a three or four multiple on handling and freight costs to pass along to our clients in the form of a lower price to do the job, higher rebate amount on the scrap, or in some cases, we are able to pay our customers for the same jobs for which the demolition companies have to charge.

We are often brought onto demolition jobs alongside, but separate from, the demolition companies to create the highest scrap metal yield for the owner.